My name is Katie Aust and my life was playing out just fine thank you very much! I got married to the man I love aged 25, got a house in the Surrey countryside and a sizably chunky mortgage, a cat and a dog- life was going great- it is great, only we’re struggling to conceive and sometimes it’s all consuming…..

Infertility can be heart achingly lonely. It isolates from the rest of the world, breaking confidence, ageing faces and feeling failure.

‘So, when are you going to have children then?’

Anyone that has been through infertility and IVF knows this question very well don’t we? These little, innocent words that can knock us off our feet because the fact is that we’re dealing with our own helplessness and grief, our fears and anxiety. How do I deal with this question? I’ve tried an array of answers ranging from calm and collected, ‘Still enjoying ourselves at the moment’ (little laugh, cry alone in corner). ‘That’s a very personal question’ (eyes glaze over, save my self from becoming mad woman melting). On bad days I have favoured total apoplectic white out involving tears, snot and anger in a ‘Hulk’ style explosion. There is no way to answer that question, so I wish it would stop being asked.

As I am about to embark on the second round of IVF i’m lucky enough to have a fabulous himself to support and share the ordeal with however this time I wondered whether you other Ladies and indeed Gentlemen going through similar situations would also join me in sharing your own journeys? Perhaps lets do it together?

Katie x